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Why pre-order

We've launched our first collection for pre-orders and you might quite reasonably be wondering why we have decided to take pre-orders and what this means for you. So we wanted to take this opportunity to explain our approach.

You might have noticed the rise of pre-orders over the past few months in particular and here at Valiant HQ we think they're an excellent way of eliminating overproduction and waste and getting closer to you, our customer. 

Certain elements of the fashion industry have been in the press for all the wrong reasons recently. Fast fashion, unethical production and practices that have a negative impact on the environment have all been brought to our attention.

There are all kinds of scary figures attached to fast fashion, for example, it has been reported that the fashion industry creates 92 million tonnes of waste each year and is the world's second biggest consumer of water.

So we are determined to take responsibility for what we're making - we don't want to make clothes that don't consider our environment.

One of the problems with the current fashion model is that waste is an accepted byproduct. It's really hard to predict the demand of particular sizes or colours and so inevitably there is some wastage. 

By taking pre-orders, we are able to say with much more accuracy what sizes we need and which colours you're loving. This helps us to avoid waste and to be more sustainable!

We're living in uncertain times at the moment with the dual challenges of Covid-19 and Brexit and pre-order allows for better, more accurate planning and a more in depth understanding of what you want. Which can never be a bad thing, in our eyes!

What is a pre-order?

So what exactly is a pre-order and what does it mean for you?

Quite simply, pre-ordering allows you to choose your items and pay upfront. Our wonderful London based lingerie atelier then get to work making your beautiful lingerie! You'll notice that some of our collection will be ready in time for Christmas and some will be ready in the New Year. 

Pre-orders aren't a new idea - they're been used by luxury brands for years. For decades luxury brands have hosted trunk shows during which customers can pre-order a product that they receive weeks or months later. 

Who will be making my order?

Every piece in our collection is made by lingerie experts in London. We love this because it means that we have control over the quality of our lingerie, we can work closely with the team to minimise waste and we can be sure that everyone who has worked on creating our collection is paid a fair wage. 

The other advantage of manufacturing in London is that we don't have to ship in stock from abroad which helps to reduce our carbon footprint. 

When you buy something from our collection, you're buying something special. Something that has been handmade for you. We're not selling fast fashion, we're selling slow fashion! For us this means:

  • manufacturing high quality garments that will last longer
  • using high quality, sustainable materials
  • valuing the fair treatment of people and the planet
  • producing locally
  • taking steps to minimise waste

If you have any questions about pre-ordering or our manufacturing process, please drop us an e-mail at