We believe in being part of the solution (not part of the problem)....

We're all becoming increasingly aware that fast fashion has a problem. Some estimates suggest that 350,000 tonnes of used (but wearable) clothing heads in landfill each year in the UK alone. Fast fashion companies create pieces with short lifespans to ensure quick turn around of their collections. And cheap materials and fast production result in high CO2 emissions and cheap labour which is bad for the planet, bad for the economy and bad for the people making our clothes. 

It's important to us that we're always working towards making every element of Valiant Lingerie as sustainable as possible. We've started by thinking about what our lingerie is made of and how and where it's made.

Here are some of the things we're already doing:


Our collection is made from ECONYL®. ECONYL® is an incredible regenerated yarn created from waste from around the world such as old fishing nets pulled from the ocean and waste fabrics from industry. These products go through a radical regeneration process to create a yarn that's as pure as brand new nylon and can be recycled and recreated again and again! 

We source our ECONYL® from Italy where it is used to create the high quality, high performance fabric we use across our collection.

Transparent production

We believe it's important to know who made your clothes and how they are being treated. That's why we're proud that our collection is produced in a small luxury studio in London that prices itself on it's high quality craftsmanship in a safe and ethical working environment. 

Made to last

We use high quality materials and expert seamstresses in order to create beautiful pieces that are made to last. 

(Click here to find out how to help your lingerie to last as long as possible.)


We use 100% recyclable packaging materials.

This is just the start... 

By choosing Valiant Lingerie, you're not only embracing self-love and empowerment, but also joining us in creating a more sustainable fashion future.

Together, let's be kind to ourselves and kind to the planet. 🌿💕

We are always looking for more ways to minimise our impact on their environment. if you have a suggestion for us, we'd love to heard from you! Please get in touch at info@valiantlingerie.com