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Post Mastectomy Bra Size & Measuring Guide

Post surgery bra sizes...

Working out your bra size feels like an exercise in confusion at the best of times, doesn't it?!

And after surgery it can feel even more intimidating. 

At the moment we know it's not possible to be professionally fitted so we've pulled together our top tips for measuring yourself at home:

Finding your size

Here are our tips on how to measure for your bra size:

  • Start off wearing a non-padded bra
  • Stand naturally 
  • The first measurement you need to take is your underbust / back measurement
  • Using a measuring tape, measure your underbust (around your rib cage and back, just below your boobs)
  • Stand in front of a mirror so that you're sure the measuring tape is straight and snug around your back 
  • It's really important that this is a firm measurement (because tape measures don't have any stretch but bras do!)
  • Take the measurement in inches and write this down
  • To work out your bra size, add four to this number if your measurement is an even number and five if your measurement is an odd number. (For example, if your measurement is 29", add five and your bra size is 34. If your underbust measures 32", add four and your bra size is 36)
  • Next, measure your the fullest part of your bust
  • This time, ensure the measuring tape is snug and straight around the fullest part of your bust. (If you wear a breast form, measure your natural breast)
  • Very slowly, begin to loosen the tape measure. Take the measurement at the point the tape measure just begins to slip down - write down that number
  • Here's where we get a little mathematical!
  • The difference between your underbust and the fullest part of your bust will dictate your cup size:
 Difference (inches)

Cup size



5" A
6" B
7" C
8" D
9" DD
10" E
11" F
12" FF


For example, if your underbust measurement is 29" and the measurement at the fullest part of your bust is 38", your bra size is 34DD.

If you'd like some help and support measuring yourself and working out your size, drop the team an e-mail at