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Our story

My name is Eleanor and I founded Valiant Lingerie in late 2019. I was so frustrated by the lack of stylish, feminine lingerie for women who have had treatment or surgery for breast cancer or preventative surgeries.

I had been aware of this problem basically my whole life. My mum had breast cancer (twice!) when I was a child and had a single mastectomy without reconstruction initially. I clearly remember how frustrated mum was with the frumpy and unflattering bras she had to wear as a young woman in her early thirties. I hoped this had improved over the last 30 years but unfortunately it hasn’t!

I’ve experienced the same frustrations as my mum for the last 9 years or so since I had a double mastectomy in my twenties.

I felt like before my surgery I had a world of options when it came to choosing lingerie that made me feel confident and beautiful. After surgery it felt like all these options had been taken away from me and all that was left was beige and uninspiring.

I knew there must be a better way. And it turns out there is… and I would love you to be a part of it!

I’ve spent the last 12 months working with an amazing lingerie development consultancy in London to create Valiant Lingerie’s first collection.

Let’s stop settling for bras that don’t make us feel good and start embracing lingerie that makes us feel bold, confident and Valiant!

What's special about our lingerie?

Have you ever found yourself in a lingerie department staring at the boring post-surgery bras in despair?
Or asked yourself why the only bras available are beige “nana” bras?
Or not been able to find a bra that is comfortable but still looks great?
Not any more!
Here at Valiant Lingerie we've been working really hard for almost a year to create the perfect bra. We’ve applied our own experiences and asked for your input to understand the pain points we’re all facing. We were so tired of lingerie that didn’t fit properly, felt uncomfortable and looked boring!
We’ve created and tested multiple prototypes and we’ve been working with a wonderful design house with 15+ experience in the intimates sector to make sure that we’re creating something that looks and feels great!
Each bra has been thoughtfully and sensitively designed with post-surgery bodies in mind.
All of our bras feature:
  • No underwires
  • Supportive and comfortable underbands (the bands that go under the cups and round your back. Did you know the underband provides roughly 80% of the support?)
  • Super soft fabric (and lace) that’s gentle on sensitive skin and scar tissue (one of our pet peeves is uncomfortable fabric against scars!)
  • Thoughtful seam placement to avoid irritation
  • Fully adjustable multiway straps
  • Pocketed inner cups that can be worn with or without breast forms

We’ve worked hard to source high performance fabric for our lingerie. We’re quite demanding - we want a lot from the fabric we use for our lingerie. We obviously want it to look fabulous but we want it to perform too!

Since day one we’ve wanted our lingerie to fit beautifully and feel super soft against your skin. So good looks aren’t enough!

Our lingerie is made with a high quality, super soft, breathable fabric. It’s high performance and has enough stretch that it follows your body and ensures the perfect fit. And the best bit? It’s made of a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon.

What’s ECONYL® we hear you cry! ECONYL® is a 100% regenerated nylon yarn. The ECONYL® process recycles and regenerates existing materials into a new nylon yarn that is the same quality as virgin nylon.
We’re so delighted to have found a fabric that delivers on all fronts; it looks amazing, feels great and is made of recycled yarn!