I didn’t know the answer to this question until I’d had my own double mastectomy, and chances are you didn’t either. Before surgery, my bras fell into one of three categories: pleasure (slinky), sporty (structured), easy (like Sunday morning).

After surgery I wondered why all the post-mastectomy bras out there had a trademark grey, uniform appearance, and why no sales staff were trained in fitting women for post-surgery lingerie. Thankfully, word’s got around, and these days post-surgery bras are as cleverly formed, practical and beautiful as the women who wear them.

Immediately after surgery

Right after your procedure, your medical team may advise you to wear a recovery bra. These bras have been specially designed to provide stability, to keep your dressings in place and to give you something secure to sleep in. Once the healing process has set in you’ll have more flexibility to look for a post-surgery bra that’s the perfect fit, that suits your style and that’s kind to your still-healing body. 

How to choose a post-surgery bra

The watchword, as we all know, is ‘comfort’ with a gentle nod to technical structure. Your post-surgery bra needs to be lovely to wear and easy to adjust.

It should:

  • be made from soft, stretchy fabric – no hard, scratchy lace that might feel rough on tender recovering skin
  • have an underband that’s supportive and comfortable – underbands account for about 80% of bra support, but there’s no need for hard wires or seams
  • have pocketed inner cups – versatile enough to be worn with or without breast forms
  • be cut high on the sides – for additional support and to protect damaged underarm skin
  • have wider, multiway straps that stay put and are easily adjustable – straps work hard to support your bra but they shouldn’t dig in, be too tight or too loose
  • look great and give a flattering silhouette – confidence-boosting lingerie is as important as the fit and feel

One size doesn’t fit all

Regardless of medical history, everyone’s body shape is different, so it’s important to have a range of post-surgery bras to cater for all of the different shapes and sizes.

A side note

You don’t have to be a post-surgery customer to enjoy our bras. Maybe you’re tired of underwires and fiddly spaghetti straps, or perhaps you’re looking for something with a softer structure? We’re here to make sure you’re comforted and supported, and we hope that wearing one of our bras will make you feel exactly this.

Shop for bras here, or start by viewing our size guide to find the right fit for you.

November 18, 2021 — Eleanor Howie