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Confused about your bra size?

Is it just us or can bra sizes be some of the most confusing things in the world?! And after surgery, working out your new size can feel even more intimidating and emotionally draining.

We've written some handy "top tips" to help you measure yourself at home.

What's so special about our bras?

Every Valiant Lingerie design was created by people who know first hand what it's like to have a mastectomy. We've worked hard to create beautiful bras that support you in looking and feeling great.

But what does that actually mean?! Click here to find out a little more...

What's a mastectomy bra?

Well, in the simplest terms, it’s a bra that has been designed for people who have had mastectomies or lumpectomies. 

But we know that looking for a post-surgery bra can be a bit overwhelming! So we've created a guide with some background information.

Customer reviews
First bra I have worn since surgery last year. Lovely bra and also an equally lovely note included from Eleanor. Feel tearful at how normal it makes me feel, just about to order a second.
— Lynne
I cannot wait to try more of your delightful pretty products. Thank you for creating a beautiful bra which is comfortable, functional, pretty, looks good and feels good.... and I have matching knickers!!! I have a drawer full of bras that are only comfy for a couple of hours so my new one is taking pride of place hanging up in the wardrobe!!
— Sam
I love my cross over bra. It has obviously been so thoughtfully designed and made for post surgery comfort, with the perfect amount of support and beautiful fabrics. I didn't really think post surgery bras like this existed so I was very happy to discover Valiant and it is absolutely worth the investment.
— Abi
So so very happy with my bra! It's so nice to have a comfy and supportive bra that is also beautiful and makes me feel feminine!
Been wearing plain sports bras for over 4 years its lovely to have something that's sexy and doesn't make me sore or uncomfortable! I have been wearing this for 2 days now and feel great!
Overwhelmed! 5 stars!
— Fran
My bra arrived on Friday and I'm so pleased to tell you that I wore it all day on Saturday. Unheard of for me to wear a new bra for longer than a couple of hours as I usually have to 'break them in' little by little. It's so nice to have a bright and pretty bra that's comfortable.
— Sam